Friday, June 12, 2009


All right! We're back again. And to kick things off here's the cover to the latest release from Airship 27:
"The most intriguing character from the action pulps returns! This thrill-a-minute new edition is not merely a reprint of that solo 1938 classic, but a brand new relaunch of this long-forgotten pulp hero.

"Captain Hazzard travels the world in search of action and adventure, accompanied by his team: Jake Col, Montana sharp-shooter; Martin Tracey, surgeon; Washington MacGowen, scientific genius; Tyler Randal, ace pilot; and William Crawley, tabloid crime reporter. Their adventures are the stuff of legends.

"This new, updated special edition contains:
• The completely re-edited and rewritten Captain Hazzard book "Python Men of the Lost City" by Ron Fortier to include new chapters not included in the 1938 book!

• Wonderful spot illustrations by Rob Davis.

• New introduction and afterword written especially for this new edition."

Available at (


The K.N.O. said...

That cover is FANTASTIC! I bet the book is as well.

Ron Fortier said...

Thanks, Kevin. I just learned today that it is now available at Amazon.

Rob Davis said...

It is, Kevin! And it's better than ever having been gone over with a fine-tooth comb and re-edited. And boy didn't Mark knock the ball out of the park with that cover!! He's doing a Sherlock Holmes cover for us now and I'm dying to see what he's got cooked up!

Rob Davis said...

You can pick this book up at Amazon at the following link(copy and paste this into your browser):

Van Allen Plexico said...

Yes, the Holmes cover is amazing, but so is this one! It's a tough call as to which is more amazing!

Michael said...

I missed the first version put out by Wildcat, but got this one. Its on my 'to read pile'.

But what's up with the mustache? I don't recall one on the original pulp cover. And everyone knows Hazzard's first name is Rex. :)