Wednesday, November 7, 2018

SUN KOH - Heir to Atlantis

SUN KOH : Heir to Atlantis

Airship 27 Productions answers the question, “Who is Sun Koh?”

During the 1930s German pulp writer Paul Muller wrote a series of adventures featuring his hero, Sun Koh : Heir of Atlantis. From the very start he was intended to an Aryan version of America’s Doc Savage. Like Savage he was larger than life and accompanying him on his adventurers was a group of loyal, unique individuals. Whereas Doc Savage was a man of science and his companions all experts in various technical fields, Sun-Koh’s stories were slanted towards mythology and mysticism. He was supposedly a time-traveler from the sunken continent of Atlantis, a member of the royal family and master of arcane abilities. Although there were plenty of super scientific gizmos in his adventures, it was the magic that took center stage. His aides were magicians, immortals and religious Hindu assassins. Quite an eclectic mix.

In 2010, in the midst of the New Pulp explosion, Dr. Art Sippo wrote a brand new adventure novel featuring these characters. “Sun-Koh : Heir of Atlantis.” It premiered to rousing acclaim by pulp fans and a sequel was planned. Sadly that second book never materialized and eight years later, the first book is out of print. Now Airship 27 Productions is about to rectify all that. Ron Fortier, Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, entered into an agreement with Dr. Sippo to reprint “Sun-Koh : Heir to Atlantis.” 

“We couldn’t be happier,” Fortier reported after getting Dr. Sippo’s green light. “Whatever one’s thoughts on this German based character, he clearly has a place in the history of pulps and Art has written a whopping great book that demands to stay in print and we at Airship 27 are going to see it does.”

Now Dr. Art Sippo’s controversial New Pulp offering returns in this newly expanded Airship 27 edition with an introduction by Pulp Factory Award winner writer, Andrew Salmon and interior illustrations by Art Director Rob Davis and a stunning cover by Adam Shaw. The book also contains a Bonus Back-Up feature spotlighting Sun Koh’s amazing crew.


Available from Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle.


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