Monday, July 8, 2019


New release announcement. Look for a brand-new Lance Star: Sky Ranger adventure by author Bobby Nash in Pulp Adventures magazine issue 32, coming soon from Bold Venture Press. "It's been a few years since the last Lance Star: Sky Ranger story released," said Nash of the new story. "It was fun to revisit these old friends and drop them into an out of this world adventure. Thanks to Audrey and Rich for inviting me to be part of Pulp Adventures."

Keep watching this space and for release date and check out their other offerings. You'll be glad you did.

Reposting Audrey Parente:
Okay, so I'm getting over the flu and you haven't seen a post from me in at least a week. But don't you worry, Rich Harvey and Audrey Parente at BOLD VENTURE PRESS are still hard at work every day and some wonderful reading is COMING your way:
**** PULP ADVENTURES #32: a fantastic display of vintage pulp fiction excellence from Talbot Mundy, Charles Boeckman, and Sax Rohmer, and some of the best contemporaries bring you their short stories--Robert Walker, Adam Beau McFarlane, Jack Halliday, William M. Hope, David Bernard (pen name for Dave Goudsward), and Bobby Nash

****AND BOOKS BY CONTEMPORARY MURDER MYSTERY AUTHORS TO KILL readying for release (watch for pre-orders) --
***Popular mystery author Gerry, Ferris Finger's latest, COLORS OF BLOOD ;
***TONY BLACK, Scotland's latest hit author from Random House UK, premiers in the USA with AFTIFACTS OF THE DEAD from BOLD VENTURE PRESS;
*** MIKE FARRIS, retired attorney and dynamic fiction and non-fiction author, with THE CATCH. (in real life, his last case won $13+ million for his client,Jennifer Pedroza, co-author of FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY, and together he and his client wrote about the case in a non-fiction FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK AND WHITE

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