Wednesday, June 27, 2012


How cool is this?

Ruby Files artist Rob Moran shared this photo on Facebook. This photo is from Thailand. The lady reading it is Tanja, a fan of Rob's from Germany.

That's right, folks, the Ruby Files is going worldwide!

Saturday, June 23, 2012



Airship 27 Productions, a leader in the New Pulp Fiction movement, is thrilled to announce the released of their latest title, JUNGLE TALES Vol.One.

One of the most popular sub-genres of the classic pulp magazines were those with jungle settings. With the success and popularity of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan stories, editors began clamoring for similar tales featuring jungle heroes. Soon dozens of cheap loin-cloth wearing imitators were popping up everywhere, including a few jungle queens to add spice to the mix.  By far the most successful of these Tarzan clones was the blond-haired Ki-Gor, the Jungle Lord whose adventures appeared regularly in the pages of Jungle Stories magazine.

Now Airship 27 Productions offers up this new collection with three brand new adventures of Ki-Gor and his lovely, red-headed mate, Helene, as they travel into the mysterious, uncharted jungles of Africa.  Penned by Aaron Smith, Duane Spurlock and Peter Miller, here are a trio of fast paced tales that have the Jungle Lord discovering a hidden village of Vikings, crossing paths with dinosaurs in a lost valley and battling cannibals to save the life of a benevolent jungle princess.  This is the pulse-pounding action and thrill-a-minute adventure fans have come to expect from the classic jungle pulps. 

“It’s hoped,” said Managing Editor, Ron Fortier, “that each new volume of this title will shine the spotlight on a different classic pulp jungle hero.  Maybe even a jungle queen or two.”  This premier features a stunning cover by painter Bryan Fowler with magnificent interior illustrations by Kelly Everaert.  JUNGLE TALES Vol.One kicks off another new series pulp fans are sure to appreciate and enjoy. 

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012



Airship 27 Productions weighs anchor and unfurls its sails to launch a new sea going series set in the lush, tropical paradises that appear like green jewels in the blue waters of the Pacific.

In the middle of the South Sea is the island of Motugra, so named by the natives. It has the only deep water port in this island chain.  On Motugra you’ll find THE HANGING MONKEY, an inn and bar owned and operated by Irish ex-patriot Corky O’Brien.  Here gather some of the most colorful rogues, scalawags and pirates ever to ply the trade routes of the Pacific during the late 1930s.

Enter and meet Khuna, the bar’s bouncer and former headhunter.  Miko, the slim and beautiful Chinese girl with the mysterious past.  One eyed Captain Nick Fortune, owner of the schooner Fortune’s Folly and air freight pilot, Jimmy Dolan. And don’t forget ace reporter, the lovely blond Grace Thomas.  All of these characters spring from the mind of writer Bill Craig as homage to the classic pulp island stories of yesterday.

Along for the ride, Craig is joined by Derrick Ferguson, Joshua Reynolds and Tommy Hancock.  Here are four fast paced, island adventures guaranteed to whisk your imagination to tropical paradises of warm breezes, swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters.  Where danger can lurk behind the smile of an alluring native girl and a man’s fists are as important as his wits. 

Painting teacher Daniel Ibanez provides the poster-like cover that perfectly captures the allure of these exotic stories while artist Clayton Hinkle adds nine interior illustrations plus a bonus section of character pin-up sketches.  All deftly plotted by Rob Davis, Art Director and edited by Ron Fortier.

So hitch up your gunbelt, cock your pilot’s cap and swing the door’s open…Welcome to The Hanging Monkey!


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