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Airship 27 Productions 26th release of the year is the first volume in a brand new pulp series, “Occult Detectives.”

They battle demons and monsters, hunt ghosts and defend us against the things that go bump in the night.  They are Occult Detectives and they’ve been a staple of pulp fiction since the beginning of those glorious, garish magazines.  Now Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to bring you a quartet of tales starring some of the most unique Occult Detectives ever created; three newly minted heroes and one classic master of mysticism.

From the days of the Wild West, Joel Jenkins offers up his Indian Shaman hero, Lone Crow.  Then we have Josh Reynold’s colorful Charles St. Cyprian, the Queen’s own Royal Occultist, followed by Jim Beard’s Sgt. Janus, the Spirit Breaker.  And we culminate with a little known pulp classic figure, Ravenwood; the Stepson of Mystery as chronicled by Ron Fortier.

“The idea for this collection came from Josh Reynolds,” reports Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “The idea of bringing together, in one book, some of the most exciting new pulp characters in print today appealed to me immediately; especially if our line up included such popular heroes as Lone Crow, Charles St. Cyprian and Sgt. Janus.  Since their appearance, each of has won over a loyal following of readers.  But that still left us with one empty slot and that became the opportunity I jumped on instantly.”

Seven years ago, Fortier and Airship 27 Productions Art Director Rob Davis, had produced an adult horror graphic novel entitled, “Daughter of Dracula,” that received rave reviews upon its release from Redbud Studio and is still one of that company’s biggest sellers.  Fortier had long wanted to do was write a sequel that would answer some of the questions posed by many of the comic’s readers.  In particular, “What happened to the main character after the events in the story?”  Now, this anthology offered him that stage combined with the added bonus of allowing him to write a character that was one of his favorites.  “Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery is such a cool, occult detective and I was itching to get my creative mitts on him,” Fortier confesses.  “This is a story I’ve waited a long, long time to tell.”

The book features interior illustrations by Davis and a cover, colored by Jesus Rodriguez, that spotlights all of the heroes together in a setting outside of space and time.

Get ready to take on possessed gunfighters, eerie mesmerizing spirits, a bewitching temptress and a legion of the undead as these four brand new tales usher you into  thrilling adventures beyond the realm of the ordinary; your guides….the Occult Detectives.


The book is now Available at and will soon be out on Kindle.


Saturday, November 29, 2014


Ron Fortier's award winning pulp graphic novel is now available in a brand new edition (and for a cheaper price) from Redbud Studio.


The 176 black and white comic features an introduction by writer Van Plexico.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

YOUNG NEMO is # 100!!



Airship 27 Productions presents a new novel by award winning writer/editor, Michael Vance that explores the origins of one of literatures greatest fictional characters; Captain Nemo.

In 1870, French science fiction author Jules Verne published “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” and introduced to the world to Captain Nemo, commander of the world’s first submarine, the Nautilus.  But what of Nemo’s origin? 

He was an Indian whose title and name at birth were Prince Rajesh Dakkar, son of the Rajah, or King, of the then independent territory of Bundelkund.  His father hired a teacher whose own reputation for wisdom would spread across the nation. His name was Indra Singh, and his principal purpose was to mentor Rajesh and to secure the best tutors and materials for the instruction of his student.

But book learning within the confines of palace walls was not enough for the young prince.  He longed for adventure and at the age of eighteen purchased a 150 ton brig with square rigged sails, dramatically modified and improved the efficiency of the craft.  He set out to conquer the world leading an international crew of rogues and thieves soon to be called the Black Knights.

Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier, explains the story behind this incredible book.  “Back in the 1980s, Michael Vance wrote a comic book mini-series entitled, THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG NEMO, which was illustrated by our own Art Director Rob Davis.  When he suggested the possibility of adapting that series into a novel, all of us knew it was a great idea and he’s proven us right.”

Davis, along with colorist Shane Evans provides the cover and design of the book with interior illustrations by artist Chuck Bordell.


Available from Amazon in hard copy and soon on Kindle.



Begun ten years ago by writer Ron Fortier and artist Rob Davis, Airship 27 Productions has been a leading pioneer in the New Pulp field and continues to work towards keeping the history of American Pulps alive by promoting events and activities that shine a light on this unique part of American literary heritage. 

“Our success is due to our amazing writers and artists,” Fortier and Davis declare with unabashed praise.  “And to all our readers who have unselfishly supported us on this amazing journey we offer our heartfelt thanks and promise our next one hundred titles are going to raise the bar even higher on the quality of art and stories. Stay tuned, pulp fans, the Airship 27 is climbing to all new heights.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2014



Airship 27 Productions is excited to announce the release of the fourth volume in their best-selling fantasy adventure series, SINBAD – The New Voyages.

They are the most daring, courageous, fool hardy crew ever assembled under one flag. Chief among them are Henri Delacrois, the French archer, Ralf Gunarson, the blonde Viking giant, the lovely but deadly female Samurai  Tishimi Osara, Omar the cantankerous first mate and Haroun, the eagle-eyed youth who mans the towering crow’s nest of the magnificent Blue Nymph.  All pledged to follow their captain, the most famous seagoing adventurer of all time, Sinbad El Ari.

Now they return in four brand new fantasy tales by Joe Bonadonna, Ralph L. Angelo, Jeff Fournier and I.A. Watson.  Thrills and danger await on colorful exotic shores as the crew of the Blue Nymph search for the Golden Fleece, battle a Scorpion God and Sinbad alone must defeat an evil djin in a game of chess for the life of a beautiful princess.  Here are epic tales worthy of this legendary hero, Sinbad the Sailor!

“It is clear our readers can’t get enough of this character,” declares Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “The minute we release a new title there is already a demand for more and we are only too happy to oblige our Sinbad fans.”  Volume 4 is illustrated by a fantastic new artist, Phil Cho, and sports a gorgeous cover by the amazing Pat Carabjal.  All wrapped in the design genius of Art Director Rob Davis.

If you have a fantasy fan in your family, this is the series you need to introduce them to.


Available now at Amazon in hard copy and on Kindle.


Sunday, November 9, 2014


Cover: Douglas Klauba
New Pulp Author Bobby Nash was a guest on Art Sippo’s new Art’s Reviews podcast this week. Art and Bobby had great fun talking about the newly released Domino Lady “Money Shot” novel as well as a few of the writer's other projects. "It’s always great chatting and catching up with Art," said Bobby of the interview. "I hope you’ll give the podcast a listen." You can find it here.

From the site:
Award winning author Bobby Nash presents the first full length novel starring the infamous pulp seductress and adventuress, the Domino Lady.  We talk about his relationship with this character in various New Pulp projects and about other projects in the works!

You can listen to Art’s Reviews: Bobby Nash on The Domino Lady: Money Shot here.

Friday, November 7, 2014


MAR ’15 release

DAY OF THE DESTROYERS: Jimmie Flint, Agent X-11 must save America
Authors: Ron Fortier, Adam Lance Garcia, Gary Phillips, Paul Bishop, Eric Fein, Tommy Hancock,
                Aaron Shaps, & Joe Gentile
Cover: Fernando Ferreiro
6” x 9”, sc, 276pgs, $13.95
ISBN: 978-1-936814-79-4(51395)
Based on a real historical event during the Roosevelt administration!
Guest starring pulp heroes The Green Lama, The Phantom Detective, and The Black Bat!

Day of the Destroyers is an all-original linked prose anthology - each story is part of a larger arc wherein Jimmie Flint, Secret Agent X-11 of the Intelligence Service Command, battles to prevent the seditionist Medusa Council from engineering a bloody coup overthrowing our democracy.

Agent X-11 fights across the country preventing an aerial assault on Chicago’s rail lines, destroying a secret factory of gas meant to enthrall millions in New Mexico, racing to stop a machine of fantastic destruction in Manhattan, and so much more!
Written by pulp fictioneers: Ron Fortier, Adam Lance Garcia, Gary Phillips, Paul Bishop, Eric Fein, Tommy Hancock, Aaron Shaps, & Joe Gentile.
Introduction by pulp historian and award-winning author Robert Weinberg!

2. DAY OF THE DESTROYERS: Jimmie Flint, Agent X-11 must save America
6” x 9”, HC, 276pgs, $23.95
ISBN: 978-1-936814-75-6(52399)
Previews Exclusive!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014



In his Robin Hood trilogy; King of Sherwood, Arrow of Justice and Freedom’s Outlaw, I.A. Watson brilliantly re-imagined this classic adventure saga by setting it against England’s actual history.  Much to the delight of fans everywhere, old tales became new with fresh insights into the origins of the legend and its colorful characters.  Now Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to bring you this Special Fourth Volume as a bonus finale to that trilogy.

“After we’d published the last book of Ian Watson’s trilogy, we thought that was the end of our adventures with this great character,” explains Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “Then late last year, Ian made mention that he had a bunch of short stories and essays still in his files and would we be at all interested in looking at them.  Upon inspection, we knew immediately we had enough great material for yet another book.  Talk about an early Christmas gift.”

In this volume you will find a handful of short stories published here for the very first time; maps of England and Robin Hood’s London plus more of the author’s in-depth essays on his critically acclaimed series and a Robin Hood comic strip illustrated by Pulp Factory Award winner, Artist Rob Davis.

Robin Hood – Forbidden Legend also denotes the release of new, re-edited editions of all three previous titles; each now accompanied by period maps relevant to each chapter in this glorious series.  Robin Hood and his Merry Men, heroes for all ages!  Features a cover by Jesus Rodriguez and interior illustrations by Pulp Factory Award winning artist, Rob Davis.


Available now at Amazon in hard copy and soon on Kindle.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014



Airship 27 Productions locks all the doors and dims the lights as it prepares a deliciously twisted Halloween reading treat for pulp fans everywhere reviving a truly bizarre character. From the pages of the classic pulps comes the most frightening avenger of them all, the Purple Scar! 

The handsome, debonair Dr. Miles Murdoch was a world famous plastic surgeon.  His life was the stuff of dreams until it all turned into a heart-wrenching nightmare.   Murdoch’s brother, a dedicated police officer, is brutally gunned down while on patrol.  Before dumping his body into the river, his murderers pour acid over his face as a final act of contempt.  When the body washes ashore days later, Officer Murdoch’s face is beyond recognition, a scarred, purple visage unlike any horror ever imagined.

It is the sight of this death grimace that transforms Miles Murdoch into an avenging angel.  Vowing to bring justice to those responsible, the skilled surgeon molds a pliable rubber mask from that repulsive, mutilated face; a mask he dons to become the Purple Scar, the scourge of crooks and villains everywhere.  He has become the physical embodiment of their worst fears brought to fiendish life.

“The first time I learned of this character, I was bowled over by the horror aspects,” confesses Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “There have been other grim pulp avenger, but none of them can hold a candle to the Purple Scar.  This guy is just outright scary as hell.  Which is just the slant we wanted our writers to take.”

Airship 27 now presents four brand new adventures of the creepiest pulp hero of them all, the Purple Scar!  Jim Beard, Jonathan Fisher, Gary Lovisi and Gene Moyers have all stirred the witches cauldron deep to brew up a quartet of frightening mayhem as only the Purple Scar can deliver.  Add the beautifully grotesque art style of Richard Serrao, Shannon Hall’s amazing cover coloring and Rob Davis’s spooky design motif and you have a new kind of pulp thriller unlike anything ever seen.

Beware the shadows and dark alleys, the black cats and dancing skeletons as Airship 27 whips up a real Trick or Treat pulp chiller.


Available at Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014



Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to presents its first ever weird western pulp title, SIX-GUN TERRORS by one of the brightest new voices in pulp fiction today; Fred Adams, Jr.

Former Union scouts and saddle tramps Durken and McAfee are more than satisfied with their lives as cattle-punchers for Homer Eldridge and his Triple Six ranch.  When a mysterious, black clad preacher arrives in town leading a congregation of dwarfish foreigners, strange things begin to happen.  First cattle from various spreads are found savagely butchered out on the range for no apparent reason.  Then several Triple Six hands go missing.

McAfee begins to suspects there is something very sinister about the new reverend and his people.  Something that will bring more horror and destruction with it. 

SIX-GUN TERRORS features not one, but two Durken and McAfee adventures; the longer “Six-Guns and Old Ones,” described above and the shorter “The Angel,” wherein our cowboys confront the ghost of a Confederate sniper they killed in the Siege of Atlanta.  Both are masterpieces of the macabre.

Writer Fred Adams, Jr. spins two weird western tales that will have readers on their edge of their seats and jumping at shadows.  Mixing a heady brew that is half H.P. Lovecraft and half Louis L’Amour, SIX-GUN TERRORS is a creepy reading experience not soon forgotten.

Fred Adams, Jr. is a western Pennsylvania native who has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with horror, fantasy, and science fiction literature and films.  He holds a Ph.D. in American Literature from Duquesne University and recently retired from teaching writing and literature in the English Department of Penn State University. He has published over 50 short stories in amateur, and professional magazines as well as hundreds of news features as a staff writer and sportswriter for the now Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  In the 1970s Fred published the fanzine Spoor and its companion The Spoor Anthology.

“Fred Adams is an amazing writer,” says Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “We recently released his first novel, HITWOLF, a few months ago to rave critical reviews and now we bring you this eerie western project that is in a class by itself.  It is rare that we release two books by the same writer in one year, but Adams is truly a unique talent and deserves this attention.  We are very excited to be showcasing his works.”

The book is amply illustrated by another rising star in the New Pulp field, artist Zachary Brunner.  His previous work for Airship 27 Productions includes “George Chance – The Green Ghost,” “Sgt. Janus Returns” and “The Apocalypse Sucks.”  A filmmaker amongst other skills, Brunner’s art is evocative of many of the old classic pulp magazine illustrators.  Together he and Fred Adams, Jr. make an unbeatable creative force in world of New Pulp Fiction.


Available now at –


Thursday, July 31, 2014



Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of the second Challenger Storm adventure as written by creator Don Gates and illustrated by award winning artist Michael Kaluta.

“Challenger Storm’s debut novel, “The Isle of Blood,” was a delight to all pulp fans everywhere,” says Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “In Storm, Don Gates has given us a classic pulp hero in the grand tradition of Doc Savage, Jim Anthony and Captain Hazzard.  Add illustrations and covers by one of the finest artists in the world today and you have a recipe for excellence.  With “Curse of Poisidon,” Gates and Kaluta have amped up the action and thrills that is sure to thrill our readers.”

When several cargo ships begin disappearing on the waters of the Aegean Sea rumors begin to spread about black-armored demons rising up out of the deep.  For Challenger Storm and his MARDL team, these events hold no particular interest until one of Storm’s troubleshooters, Diana St.Clair, informs him that her former lover, and one-time MARDL scientist, Herbert Chambers is among the missing.

Later a freakish wave wipes out a small Greek fishing village leaving only a handful of survivors.  Is it possible someone has learned how to control the seas to do their bidding? When Storm and his companions arrive at a mid-ocean refueling station, they are attacked by saboteurs wielding bizarre rifles that fire sea-water.

Who is the mysterious figure calling himself Poseidon and what is the secret of his ability to create monstrous tidal waves?  Can Challenger Storm find his underwater base in time to stop this mad genius before he rains down more watery destruction upon unsuspecting coastal populations?  Is mankind is doomed to be ruled by a new King of the Seas! 

Here is high-octane pulp adventure on…and below the waves!

“Curse of Poseidon” was edited by Fortier with book design by Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis and is now available in both hard copy and on Kindle.


Available from Amazon at –

Monday, July 21, 2014

SINBAD New Voyges Vol 3


Airship 27 Productions is happy to announce the third volume in their SINBAD – The New Voyages series.  But this one, unlike the first two anthologies, is a full length novel adventure by C.B. Harvey.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the Ray Harryhausen Sinbad movies,” explains Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “The combination of exotic locales, a classic hero and Harryhausen’s fantastic stop-motion creatures delighted my imagination to no end.  This was the kind of story telling I wanted to bring to our pulp readers.”

Two years ago, Fortier set about creating a black Sinbad of Nubian origin who commanded an international crew that included Henri Delacrois, an archer from Gaul, Ralf Gunarson, a powerful young Viking from the northlands and Tishimi Osara, a female samurai from feudal Japan.  Assembling some of the finest writers in New Pulp today, Airship 27 Productions released two volumes, each containing three stories featuring this cast of characters.  Now comes C.B. Harvey’s novel, “Sinbad and the Warriors of Forever.”

When the undead Warriors of Forever, led by the one-eyed witch, Al-Izikel the Scarlet, attack the peaceful fishing village of the Xubanthali and kidnap their children, it falls upon Sinbad and the crew of the Blue Nymph to come to their aid.  Accompanied by the town elder, Al-Bulcar, and Illia, the beautiful daughter of the village shaman, the Blue Nymph is set on a course of dangerous mystery.  To locate the fabled demon horde they must first find the illusive Scholars of Bethsea for they alone hold the key to solving the riddle of the evil sorceress and the reason behind her abduction of villager’s young.

Writer C.B. Harvey spins a fantastic seafaring adventure that will leave readers cheering. The book is illustrated by commercial artist James Conahan with design work by Art Director Rob Davis.

“Ray Harryhausen would have loved this!” Says Charles Saunders, author of the popular Imaro series.


Available from in both hard copy and on Kindle.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Consulting Detective Vol 3 Now on Kindle!

Happy to announce that Volume 3 of our best selling series  SHERLOCK HOLMES - Consulting Detective is now available on the other five. This was the last one to offer there digitally.

Captain Ron

Friday, July 4, 2014



Airship 27 Productions unleashes the beast within with its latest title, HITWOLF by Fred Adams Jr. 

“One of the hallmarks of pulp fiction was its twisted genre mash-ups,” Ron Fortier, Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, reminds readers.  “When you consider they would combine romance bodice-rippers with cowboy stories or mystery tales with aviation action then you understand there were no combinations pulp editors wouldn’t entertain.” Which was the appeal of HITWOLF, Fortier continues.  “When Fred Adams sent me his idea of merging a gangster story with a monster twist, it totally screamed classic pulp in my mind.  There was no way we were going to pass on this one.”

It is 1969; Newark, N.J.  Former Green Beret, Jim Slate, comes home from Vietnam to live a quiet, peaceful life.  His wish is cruelly denied him when he is kidnapped by a Michael Monzo, a local gang boss who wants to rule the entire city. To do this he must destroy his rivals. 

Thus Monzo recruits an occult practioner who can turn an ordinary man into a vicious werewolf and then control his actions by the use of a magic amulet.  But to carry out this heinous plan, they need a subject.  And so Jim Slate is snatched and turned into a “Hitwolf.”

But Slate is no one’s puppet and despite the curse put on him, he will not be controlled.  After he manages to escape his master, he disappears into the thousands of acres of New Jersey woodlands known as the Pine Barrens.  But Monzo has no intentions of losing his pet killing machine.  Now the manhunt begins to capture Jim Slate…dead or alive!

Fred Adams, Jr. is a western Pennsylvania native who has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with horror, fantasy, and science fiction literature and films.  He holds a Ph.D. in American Literature from Duquesne University and recently retired from teaching writing and literature in the English Department of Penn State University. He has published over 50 short stories in amateur, and professional magazines as well as hundreds of news features as a staff writer and sportswriter for the now Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  In the 1970s Fred published the fanzine Spoor and its companion The Spoor Anthology.

“HITWOLF is Fred Adam’s first published novel,” adds Fortier, “and we here at Airship 27 Productions are thrilled to be its publisher.”  The book features nine interior illustrations by Pulp Factory Award Nominated artist, Clayton Hinkle, with a painted cover by Ingrid Hardy.  Adams currently has two other Airship 27 projects in development.


Available in hard copy here (

& on Kindle here. (

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SHERLOCK HOLMES : Consulting Detective 6


Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of SHERLOCK HOLMES – CONSULTING DETECTIVE, Vol 6.   Here is another quintet of traditional Sherlock Holmes mysteries written in the style of his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sherlock Holmes, arguably the greatest fictional character ever created, returns along with his faithful friend, Dr. Watson, in five brand new stories pitting his deductive skills against all manner of gaslight villainy.

A man awakens in a sanitarium claiming to be Dr. John Watson.  A young student is charged with the murder of his famous professor.  A Paris gang of jewel thieves brings the Great Detective to the City of Lights.  Murder in a London opium den unlocks the evil lurking within the estate of a prestigious British family and the ghost of Dr. Moriarty may have risen from the grave to challenge his Baker Street rival one final time.

These are the baffling cases documented here by writers Ian Watson, Michael A. Black, Alan J. Porter and Greg Hatcher; all guaranteed to keep Holmes fans intrigued and entertained from the first tale to the last.

“This continues to be our best selling series,” declares Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “The previous five volumes have all been hugely successful and still continue to be among the top mystery anthology sales at Amazon.”  In explaining the reason behind the overwhelming popularity of the series, Fortier credits the traditional format.  “All of the stories featured in our books are done in the Conan Doyle style.  There are no Martian invaders, no vampire scourges; just good old fashion Victorian mysteries as narrated by the unflappable Dr.Watson with the Great Detective employing his deductive skills to their utmost.”

This sixth entry again features interior illustrations by Pulp Factory Award winning artist, Rob Davis, with a stunning cover by artist Pat Carabjal that depicts both Holmes and Watson and the notorious Irene Adler as modeled by Brazilian actress Irene Huber.

And so the fog rolls in off the Thames, the clip-clop of Hansom cabs passes by and suddenly a shrill scream cuts through the night.  Once again the game is afoot!


Available from Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle.


Monday, June 16, 2014


Wild West Tales Vol II

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to put on its spurs and chaps to announce the release of its second Masked Rider anthology; THE MASKED RIDER – Wild West Tales Vol. II

After the bloody City War ended, the rugged landscape that was the frontier west was soon flooded by all manner of immigrants; from cowboys, pioneer settlers and an all manner of outlaws.  In their path the various Indian tribes desperate to save their lands.  Soon the mountains, plains and valleys echoed with the sounds of gunfire and bloodshed flowed like rivers in these lawless territories.

Then a masked man appeared on the scene, his twin Colts barking out justice.  He and his Yaqui partner, Blue Hawk, rode these endless trails protecting law and order wherever they went.  He was known as the Masked Rider and now he returns in three brand new gun-blazing adventures by writers Erwin K. Roberts, Bill Craig and Roman Leary.

“Our first volume was a mix of western heroes, both real and fictional,” elaborates Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “This time our writers all wanted to write about this classic western pulp hero and we had no problems with that whatsoever.  He’s a great character to write.”  A popular figure in the days of the original pulps, the Masked Rider was one of the few that actually made it to the comics and appeared in his own title for many years.

This book features twelve interior illustrations by commercial artist, and teacher, Tom Rubalcava with a pulp inspired cover painting by Andy Fish, a self-confessed Masked Rider fan. 

So now it’s time to saddle up, pulp readers, for classic western action as only the Masked Rider can deliver.


Available from –

And on Kindle –

Thursday, May 22, 2014



Airship 27 Production is thrilled to announce the release of its third Brother Bones title, BROTHER BONES – TAPESTRY OF BLOOD by Ron Fortier. 

Located on the Northwest Coast, Cape Noire is a booming economic giant whose inner core has been corrupted by all manner of evil.  From the sadistic mob bosses who ruthlessly control vast criminal empires to the fiendish creatures that haunt its maze of back alleys, Cape Noire is a modern Babylon of sin and depravity.  

Amidst this den of iniquity strides a macabre warrior committed to avenging the innocent and holding back the tide of villainy.  He is Brother Bones, the Undead Avenger and there is no other like him.  A one time, heartless killer, he is now the spirit of vengeance trapped in an undying body.  He is the unrelenting sword of justice as meted about by his twin .45 automatics.

His face, hidden forever behind an ivory white skull mask, is the entrance to madness for those unfortunate enough to behold it.  This new collection features five suspenseful, fast pace action-action packed stories featuring pulp fiction’s most original hero, Brother Bones. 

This highly popular Undead Avenger was introduced in a short story collection and the last year appeared in his first ever full-length novel.  “Bones seems to have struck a chord with our readers,” states Fortier, a two time Pulp Factory Award winner and Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor.  “Every time we release a new book, they immediately start asking for more.  As Brother Bones’ creator, that is truly gratifying.”  Now Fortier picks up the saga once again exploring the mysteries of Cape Noire alongside its most arcane defender.  The book features twelve black and white interior illustrations by Airship 27 Art Director, Rob Davis, another Pulp Factory Award winner, and a dazzling cover painting by Pat Carbajal.

Time to draw the shades, light the candles and enter into a TAPESTRY OF BLOOD!

Now available at Amazon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Airship 27 Productions turns its focus once more on a classic pulp hero, the Green Lama, Mystic Warrior.

Jethro Dumont was a jaded, rich American who hungered to find purpose in this world.  His search for self-knowledge and fulfillment led him to a secluded Buddhist monastery high in the Tibetan Himalayas.  There Dumont studied the mysteries of the orient at the same time learning to accept the non-violent tenets of this ancient and venerated philosophy.  By the time he returned to America, he was a changed man; one possessed with mental clarity and unique, mystic abilities beyond the understanding of normal men.  Now, with the aid of his Buddhist companion, Tsarong, he assumes the identity of a new, eerie crime-fighter, The Green Lama!

For years the exploits of Green Lama have thrilled pulp fans both in his own magazine, in comics and on radio.  Now he returns to pulp action in this collection featuring two previous issued classics by Peter Miller and Kevin Noel Olson and two brand new, never before printed adventures by Nick Ahlhelm and Robert Craig.  From confronting Nazis in his beloved Tibet to investigating bizarre murders in a Hollywood movie studio, Jethro Dumont’s new career is one filled with plenty of action and adventure as the Mystic Warrior strikes again!

“This was one of the first pulp hero books we produced almost nine years ago,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “At that time the anthology featured a longer novella by another writer who has since moved on.  Thus it became impossible for us to reprint the book as it originally appeared.  Last year we were extremely lucky in recruiting Nick Ahlhelm and Robert Craig to do two new stories allowing us to reshape the volume and reintroduce it to our readers.”

GREEN LAMA – MYSTIC WARRIOR features a cover by Isaac Nacilla and twelve brand new interior illustrations by Neil T. Foster with book design by Art Director Rob Davis.  “We hope our fans like what we’ve done with this character,” concludes Fortier.  “After all, you just can’t have enough mystic warriors in the pulp world.”


Now available from Amazon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


White Rocket Books releases THE PRIDE OF THE MOHICANS.  Stories of Hawkeye, Chingachgook and Uncase before the events in LAST OF THE MOHICANS. Stories by Jim Beard, Ron Fortier, Frank Schildiner & I.A. Watson.
Features a cover by Laura Givens.
Edited by Van Plexico


Wednesday, April 16, 2014




Airship 27 Productions & Pulp Work Press join forces for the very first time to announce the release of THE VRIL AGENDA, a fantastic, action packed pulp adventure by two of the finest writers in the New Pulp field, Joshua Reynolds and Derrick Ferguson.

Upon completing his training with the Warmasters of Shamballah, Dillon journeys back to America to begin the next phase of his training under tutelage of one of the greatest adventurers of all time, Jim Anthony – The Super Detective.  But no sooner do they meet then one of Anthony’s most dangerous villains resurface from his past to once again threaten mankind, the superhuman Sun Koh – Prince of Atlantis.

Now the old warrior and his young student, aided by Anthony’s loyal family and allies, will take on this new threat, pitting their lives against powerful adversaries.  From New York to Berlin and then on to a hidden civilization at the bottom of the world, the Super Detective and his two-fisted protégé must stop the fiendish Sun Koh before he can unlock the ages old secret of the Vril power.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Derrick’s Dillon from day one,” reports Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “And of course Josh has dons several Jim Anthony projects for us including a full length novel. So when they first proposed this team-up book, I was thrilled beyond words.”

Note fantasy author, Charles Saunders, creator of the Imaro series, calls The Vril Agenda, “…a remarkable achievement.”

The book features interior illustrations by award winning artist Rob Davis, with a stunning, dynamic cover painting by Adam Shaw; his first work for Airship 27 Productions. 

Writers Josh Reynold and Derrick Ferguson have whipped up a frenetically paced tale that never lets up for second, masterfully delivering old fashion pulp action in what is sure to become a New Pulp Classic!


Available now from Amazon and soon on Kindle.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


LAST CALL FOR PROHIBITION! We've just received great news that writer Terrence McCauley is about to sign with a major New York publisher who will be doing all brand new editions of his prize winning novels. We couldn't be happier for him. Effectively on Tuesday 15 April, we will be removing the title from our catalog and no longer selling it anywhere; at Amazon or our website. Meaning pulp fans, you've five days left to pick up what is sure to become an Airship 27 Highly limited and collectible edition of this wonderful novel by this up and coming author.


Captain Ron