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Airships 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of their latest title, RAVENWOOD – STEPSON OF MYSTERY Vol II.

Easily one of the most obscure classic pulp heroes of the 1930s was Ravenwood - Stepson of Mystery.  In all he appeared in only five stories, these as back up tales in issues of Secret Agent X.  Several years ago Airship 27 Productions released its first volume in this series bringing back this unique occult detective, whose different colored eyes are always changing.  The stories also feature his Tibetan teacher/mentor, the Nameless One, and his loyal British butler, Stirling.

Now get ready for another quartet of brand new tales of suspense and action as the Stepson of Mystery once again sets out to solve bizarre mysteries the police are helpless to unravel.  Follow along as he confronts an amazing killer robot, teams up with the Black Bat to fight an alien horror and investigates ritualistic murders that have no rhyme or reason.  New pulp writers Janet Harriett, Aaron Smith, Jonathan Fisher and Gene Moyers pull out all the stops, delivering four original, fast paced adventures that skirt the outer edges of fear and madness. 

This is one pulp book best read with the lights on!

“One of our primary goals in starting Airship 27 Productions was to continue the adventures of little know pulp heroes,” explains Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “With this volume, we’ve done just that.  As there were only five classic Ravenwood stories, we’ve now increased that number and fans now have thirteen tales to read and enjoy.  We’re very, very proud of this achievement and hope to keep that number growing in the future.”

This second volume in the RAVENWOOD – STEPSON OF MYSTERY series, features a cover produced by Rob Davis (pencil composition) and Shannon Hall (digital colors) with twelve stark interior illustrations by Eric York.  “If you’ve never read a Ravenwood adventure before,” Fortier continues, “this is a good place to jump on board.”  He also added that there is a full length RAVENWOOD – STEPSON OF MYSTERY novel now in the works and should be available soon.

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction for a New Generation!

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Bobby on the Talk of The Town couch
New Pulp Author Bobby Nash was interviewed on Talk of The Town, a local interview show filmed in his community. Over the course of the twelve and a half minute interview, the show's host, Karen Allen talked with Bobby about writing, pulp, Evil WaysLance Star: Sky RangerThe Ruby Files, and his latest release, Fight Card: Barefoot Bones.

The video has now been posted to the internet. You can watch it above or here. Bobby is the second interview, following author Creston Mapes, starting around the 12 minute mark.

Host Karen Allen with Bobby Nash's novel, Evil Ways



Airship 27 Productions is delighted to announce the release of its latest pulp title, THE BAGMAN vs THE WORLD’S FAIR by B.C. Bell.

It is the summer of 1933 and the Windy City is hosting the fabulous World’s Fair. The famous Navy Pier along the shores of Lake Michigan is invaded by thousands of tourists from around the nation and the world; all there to marvel at the newest scientific advancements on display.

But within this glittering pleasure park of wonder lurks a devilish fiend set upon causing mass destruction and ruining the Fair; a scientist turned mad employing a bizarre sonic cannon to commit murder and chaos amongst the innocent throngs.  Now it will be up to the unlikeliest hero of them all, the odd, notorious Bagman, to save the day.

Writer B.C. Bell sends his one time petty crook, Frank “Mac” McCullough back into action in this, the Bagman’s first full length adventure.  Along with his loyal buddy, the ace mechanic, Crankshaft, Chicago’s most unusual mystery man must find the lunatic inventor and put an end to his heinous attacks before more people will die.

“The first time I read a Chris Bell Bagman story, I actually chuckled aloud,” says Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “Bell’s ability to combine both fast paced, pure pulp action with slapstick humor is sheer genius. The Bagman is one of the most original of the new pulp heroes we have today.  His fans will not be disappointed with this new, longer adventure.”
The book features nine interiors illustrations by Andy Fish and sports a truly colorful painting by Laura Givens with book designs by Rob Davis.  As an added bonus, the story also features a very special cameo by Canadian writer Calvin Daniels’ own new pulp hero, the Black Wolf.

So slap another clip in your .45, straighten your tie and put that bag over your head, pulp fans; here comes the Bagman, delivering justice in his own peculiar way. 
AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction for a New Generation!

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vid Airmen of Airship 27 E-Blast #5

Did you know that your local bookstore(s) can carry Airship 27 titles on their shelves?

The first step is to give the e-address  -
 ( of our on-line Airship 27 bookstore to the merchant. They can choose as few or as many titles to order as they wish at a special, non-returnable, bookstore discount!

Step two: After they choose the titles they want and the number of copies of each title, ask your bookstore to place their order with Rob Davis at

In fact, the easiest second step might be just to print off this e-blast with the addresses for your bookstore!!

Onward and upward, Airmen!
Michael Vance

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

SINBAD 2 Sets Sail!


Pull up anchor, cast off the mooring lines and drop the sail, the good ship Blue Nymph is about to set sail for adventure once again with her famous seafaring captain at the helm.

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to present the second volume of brand new stories starring the greatest seaman of them all, Sinbad the Sailor and his international crew of daring adventures.  Here are the Henri Delacrois, the deadly archer from Gaul, Ralf Gunarson, the strapping young Viking giant, Tishimi Osara the beautiful female samurai and of course Omar, the irascible first mate.  All of them bound together by their love of action and yearning to explore uncharted lands.

“We released the first volume of this series last year,” says Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “Reader response was overwhelming and we soon were getting lots of mail to do more.  It’s very clear there are lots of people out there who lovingly remember those old Harryhausen Sinbad movies.”

This volume contains a new novella by Ed Erdelac with short stories by Shelby Vick and Erwin K. Roberts. Capturing the feel of the old cinematic hero developed by the late Ray Harryhausen, the volume features illustrations by Steven Wilcox and a cover by Kevin Johnson with designs by Rob Davis.  Over the horizon awaits treasure, beautiful exotic maidens and monsters beyond imagining.  Dare you sign aboard with Sinbad El Ari? If so, then battened hatches and have your curved blade ready, heart pounding adventure awaits within these pages.


Available from in both hard copy and digitally for Kindle.