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Writer Bobby Nash and Artist James Burns, the creative team behind Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" return for a 10 part Lance Star: Sky Ranger webstrip adventure at

More news to follow.

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The Ruby Files vol. 1 cover art: Mark Wheatley

New Pulp Publisher Airship 27 Productions has announced that Pulp Ark and Pulp Factory award nominated cover artist, Mark Wheatley will return as cover artist for the forthcoming The Ruby Files vol. 2.

Press Release:

Mark Wheatley, who crafted the beautiful cover for The Ruby Files vol. 1 has signed on to contribute a cover for the upcoming The Ruby Files vol. 2.

After announcing the news, Airship 27 publisher, Ron Fortier said, “Mark's gorgeous cover on volume one has deservedly been nominated for the Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Cover of 2012.  So you can image how thrilled and honored we are at having him on board for this new book. He's one of the most admired artist in the field today.”

Ruby Files co-creator, Sean Taylor also commented, “When I heard Mark Wheatley was back on board for another cover, I couldn't believe it,” Taylor said. “I mean, let's be honest, the stories may have really driven the book home for the first collection but what really, really attracted readers to the book in the first place was Mark's cover. We couldn't ask for better. Period.”

And Ruby Files co-creator, Bobby Nash added, “I’m thrilled to have Mark return to The Ruby Files. The cover to vol. 1 is great and really helped push the sales of the book. It’s a beautiful piece of art.”

On returning to The Ruby Files, Wheatley said, “I'm looking forward to being inspired by more lurid, irresponsible, titillating, pulp-pounding action!”

The Ruby Files vol. 2 is coming soon from Airship 27 Productions with stories by Sean Taylor, Alan J. Porter, Ron Fortier, and Bobby Nash. Interior illustrations provided by Nick Poliwko under a cover by Mark Wheatley. Rob Davis returns as book designer.

Keep watching for more The Ruby Files vol. 2 news as soon as it becomes available.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



For the first time since its inception, the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention will be devoting a five hour block to the ever popular New Pulp Movement in what they have labeled New Pulp Sunday.

"Given the number of New Pulp creators and publishers that attend our convention, we felt devoting a day of programming to the energetic world of New Pulp was natural and would be fun for attendees.  Hopefully it will introduce some folks to the wide variety of material being published today under the New Pulp banner."  Doug Ellis, co-founder and promoter of the Windy City Paper & Pulp Convention.

To that end Ellis reached to out to several of his New Pulp contacts, amongst them Ron Fortier, Managing Editor of Airship 27 Productions and Tommy Hancock, Managing Editor of Pro Se Productions.  With a list of their colleagues planning on attending this year’s convention, Fortier and Hancock put together a program schedule that would include three panels and eight authors’ readings.  Joining them in these events are noted New Pulp Creators Chris Bell, Rob Davis, Joe Bonadonna, David C. Smith, Wayne Reinagel, William Patrick Maynard, David White and Terrence McCauley.

For the past four years the Windy City Convention has hosted the Pulp Factory Awards, given out by one of several New Pulp groups that celebrate the best in new pulp fiction and artwork.  “The creation of New Pulp Sunday is a logical expansion of the con’s support for all things pulp related,” said Fortier.  “We are thrilled at this recognition of New Pulp and promise all attendees a five hour block of truly wonderful readings and panels that clearly demonstrate the continued evolution of pulp fiction from the old to the new.”

Hancock added, “Everyone involved in the New Pulp Movement knows where the roots of what we do lie, exactly in the fiction that the Windy City Pulp And Paper Convention has helped preserve and promote since its inception.   It’s an honor for those of us who feel like we’re walking in the shadows of giants to be welcomed into the Convention program in such a way.  It’s also an opportunity to let fans of Pulp of all kinds know that the sort of stories they enjoy in the classic Pulps are still being written today.”

The complete, detailed New Pulp Sunday schedule will appear in the convention’s program booklet.

Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention
April 12 – 14
Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
70 Yorktown Center
Lombard, IL 60148

Sunday, February 17, 2013



Airship 27 Productions announces the release of their second title for 2013, GHOST BOY. 

The during the 1960s America was locked in a tense Cold War with the Soviet Union, Ian Fleming’s James Bond unleashed a spy craze and the Beatles swept across American shores with their version of new pop-rock and roll.  Meanwhile American comics had entered into the Silver Age with the birth of Marvel Comics.  Every week new titles seem to proliferate drug store magazine racks. 

Now Airship 27 Productions has dug deep into those long forgotten comic vaults to revive Jigsaw Comics’ odd-ball hero, GHOST BOY.  Created in 1964 by writer Art Croxton and artist Ric Sippo, the short lived series starred young Alex Conroy as the top agent of S.O.S (Science Operational Security) who is possessed with strange superhuman abilities. His best friend was an eight foot robot called P.O.P.S (Photoelectric Optimal Protection Sentry). 

Writers Terry Alexander, Micah Harris and Andrew Salmon recapture the fun and magic of this 60s forgotten character and offer up four brand new adventures. As an extra bonus, Ron Fortier and artist Gary Kato recreate the origin tale of GHOST BOY in a special 9 pg strip which kicks off this thrilling collection all gathered under a gorgeous cover by Laura Givens.

Comics fans rejoice, GHOST BOY is back! 

“Actually he never left,” explains Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier with a mischievous grin in his eyes.  “That’s because there never was such a title and this particular project is in reality our homage to those wonky Silver Age comics we all grew up loving.”  Fortier goes on to explain the idea came about when the company looked into adapting an authentic 60s comic series only to discover the property was still under license.  “That’s when we collectively had this idea do make-up our own comic hero from that decade and see if could recapture the odd-ball exuberant charm those books contained.  Will let our readers judge if we’ve succeeded or not.”


Available now at Create Space –

As a PDF download from our website for only $3.

Within another week on Amazon proper and Kindle.
And within two weeks at (

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(Voting for Members Only)

MEMBERS NAME          (______________________________________)

Please vote for only one in each of the four categories by putting a X in the appropriate circle.  Once completed, send directly to me at (  You have until the end of March to vote and turn in your ballot.


(  )  Dynasty of Mars by Ian Watson – White Rocket Books.
(  )  Blood of the Centipede by Chuck Miller – Pro Se Productions
(  )  The Lone Ranger : Vendetta by Howard Hopkins – Moonstone Books


(  )  The Ghoul by Ron Fortier (Monster Aces – Pro Se Productions)
(  )  Wounds by Andrew Salmon (The Ruby Files – Airship 27 Productions)
(  )  Die Giftig Lilie by Sean Taylor (The Ruby Files – Airship 27 Productions)
(  )  Case of the Wayward Brother by Bobby Nash (The Ruby Files – Airship 27)
(  )  Sinbad and the Sapphire of the Djinn by Ian Watson
       (Sinbad The New Adventures – Airship 27 Productions)


(  )   Blackthorn – Dynasty of Mars by Adam Diller  (White Rocket Books)
(  )   The Infernal Buddha by Joe Devito  (Altus Press)
(  )   The Ruby Files by Mark Wheatley   (Airship 27 Productions)


(  )   Rob Davis – Secret Agent X Vol IV  (Airship 27 Productions)
(  )   George Sellas – Tales of the Rook (Pro Se Productions)
(  )   Rob Moran – The Ruby Files (Airship 27 Productions)
(  )   Ralf van der Hoeven – Sinbad The New Voyages (Airship 27 Productions)

These 12 companies were represented in the nominations.

Airship 27 Productions                 Pro Se Productions                   White Rocket Books
MV Media LLC                            Moonstone Books                      Altus Press
Uchronic Press                              Pulp Obscura                              Putnam
Hard Case Crime                           Black Library                             Q & W Publishers