Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantastix graphic novel now available

A graphic novel by Creator/Editor: Jason S. Powell - Art By: Daniele Serra - Written By: Bobby Nash - Cover Art By: Erick Marquez - Back Cover Art By: Ryan Drake - Lettering By: Percival Constantine - Logo Design By: Rodney Roberts

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 88

Available at Indy Planet and ComicsMonkey

You can view the cover and pages 1 - 6 at

Rob Temple is a meta human on the run with his teenage sidekick Mouse. However the Government and a dark being known as "THE CREATOR" have other plans in mind for him. Rob is the key to a future of their creation and, if he doesn't escape, all mankind will end up slaves. But Rob has bigger problem; an addiction to a new age drug called "FANTASTIX" or "FX!" which not only controls his powers but also his very life.

Rob is an addict on the run and out of luck, and now he has to fight. Welcome to the world of "FANTASTIX"!In a world much like our own; meta humans fight for their very being against other meta humans, the Government, and their bodies because of a new age drug they are born addicted too called Fantastix or FX! Welcomed to the world of "FANTASTIX"!

FANTASTIX TM and © Copyright 2009 by Jason Shane Powell. All Rights Reserved.

There is no word at this time if the Fantastix novel, also written by Bobby Nash will return to print. Keep watching Nash News at for more information as it becomes available.

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