Friday, October 16, 2015

SHERLOCK HOLMES - Secrets of the Dead


Airship 27 Productions is proud to present its latest Sherlock Holmes title, “Sherlock Holmes – Secrets of the Dead” by Jack Beddows.

A frightened woman contacts Sherlock Holmes believing her husband is plotting to murder her.  Holmes entraps the devious spouse and turns him over to the police. Several days later the woman is found hanged in her home. Now Holmes and Watson find themselves immersed in a far greater mystery; one with connections to high ranking government officials and treacherous foreign affairs.

Soon the Great Detective and his loyal companion become the targets of a deadly assassin all because of something called the Berenford Letter. Thus begins the chase that will lead the duo through the darkest corners of London; from an abandoned munitions factory to the eerie and sinister depot of the dead, the Necropolis Station and end in the gloomy corridors of an insane asylum. All the while Holmes realizes they are being manipulated by a criminal genius whose ultimate goal will reveal the secrets of the dead and a hidden piece of Sherlock Holmes’ own past.  

“We are always excited about releasing a new Holmes mystery,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “Especially one this great. When Jack Beddows offered us his manuscript, we were thrilled. His vampire novel, “The Shadow of Her Smile,” was one of our first titles of the year and a huge success with our readers. Beddows knows his London streets and his settings add a great deal of authentic atmosphere to this original mystery. Holmes fans are going to eat it up!”

The cover art is by Adam Shaw and Pulp Factory Award winning artist, Rob Davis, provides the nine black and white interior illustrations. Davis has been called the Sidney Paget of our times and his hundreds of Holmes and Watson drawings over the past ten years have cemented that claim.  “Sherlock Holmes – Secrets of the Dead,” is a gripping, suspense filled adventure as can only be offered by Airship 27 Productions; an acknowledge leader in New Pulp fiction.

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