Saturday, March 24, 2018


City of Lost Souls

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the fourth title in Ron Fortier’s daring new pulp series featuring the Undead Avenger, Brother Bones.  “City of Lost Souls,” continues the saga of Cape Noire’s supernatural protector, the relentless skull masked vigilante who exist for only one purpose; the utter destruction of evil.

In the past three volumes, pulp fans were introduced to Tommy Bonello, a cruel sadistic hitman who found himself cursed with a conscience and then was murdered by his own twin brother, Jack. But hell didn’t await the slain gunman, rather his soul was chosen by the Cosmic Fates to return to the land of the living and there become the gruesome avatar of justice, Brother Bones. The vengeful spirit complied by taking over his brother’s body, effectively ending Jack’s life and thus becoming an animated zombie.

Starting with “Brother Bones The Undead Avenger,” the character burst on to the New Pulp scene over ten years. His remarkable debut was followed by a full length novel, “Brother Bones – Six Days of the Dragon,” by author Roman Leary, working under Fortier’s guidance. The following year saw the release of Fortier’s second collection, “Brother Bones – Tapestry of Blood.” Now comes the long awaited fourth book, another anthology featuring five gripping tales of murder, mayhem and the unstoppable Undead Avenger.

“I sometimes think Bones is in charge,” says Fortier, who is also Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor. “His stories propel me along as if I were merely a chronicler. Bones and the entire cast of Cape Noire have, over the years, taken on realistic characteristics in my imagination. In this new collection, we find old characters from previous stories resurfacing in new ways I’d never have conceived of ten years ago. Each is taking center stage with startling new stories that will definitely change the landscape of Cape Noire forever.”

The longest tale in the collection is “The Synthetic Man” and for the first time ever, Brother Bones combats a classic golden age pulp villain, Doctor Satan. “This was a real challenge,” Fortier adds. “I realized bringing Satan into Cape Noire would set a precedent allowing other classic pulp characters to enter this world. Where that will take us right now is anybody’s guess.”

Joining Fortier to provide ten black and white illustrations is Rob Davis, Art Director for Airship 27 Productions and super graphic artist Michael Stribling created the beautiful stunning cover. And this new book is soon to be followed by a brand new role-playing game module, “Ron Fortier’s Cape Noire” from Scaldcrow Games due out within a few weeks. The popularity of Brother Bones continues to grow and these new entries are sure to add to that momentum.


Available from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.

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